February 25, 2019 West Campus 2 HOA meeting




1.0 Call to order 


2.0 Approval of minutes of board meeting on January 14, 2019


3.0 Approval of minutes of board call meeting on January 21, 2019


4.0 Treasurer’s Report


5.0 Old Business 

5.1 A letter was sent out to a lot owner late last year about the need to power wash his home, but it was sent to the wrong address. A new letter needs to be sent out to the correct address.


5.2 There are still 4 paid members from 2018 that did not get their curb numbers painted because of the weather.  We will get this done later in the spring with any new 2019 members. Homeowners can get this service done at a nominal cost this year.


6.0 New Business


6.1 Recap from Annual meeting: the budget was passed. Randy Cunningham and Jennifer Williamson were voted to continue on the board. Officers: Pat Simmons, President; Randy Cunningham, Vice-President; Jackie White, Secretary; Suzanne Ellebrecht, Treasurer; Jennifer Williams, Member-at-Large.


6.2 Still seeking our attorney’s determination concerning our CC&Rs. 


6.3 Any questions from homeowners


6.4 Next month’s meeting is March 18, 2019 in the Library, small room


7.0 Adjournment