September 17, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:03 PM
Meeting Adjourned: 7:35 PM

Attendees: Randy Cunningham, President, Pat Simmons, Vice-President; Sue Ellebrecht, Treasurer; Jackie White, Secretary, Jennifer Williams, At-Large

Minutes of August 20, 2018 meeting approved

Treasurer's Report - 60 total paid members out of 158 homes

September starting balance - $6,342.88 No activity

September ending balance — $6,342.88

New and Short Term Business:

  • Scott Chase informed the board of the instances in increased crime in the West Campus neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch signs have been posted by the city. There are homeless on the greenbelt and evidence of car break-ins. He shared a flyer that he put together that would inform the neighborhood and educate them about calling 911 about ANY suspicious sitings/instances. Randy offered to get enough flyers copied for all of the Campus Woods divisions. The board agreed to help distribute the flyers to West Campus and Scott and Pat will contact members of the other HOAs involved to see if they can also distribute flyers in their neighborhoods. Done: Flyers were distributed to all houses in West Campus.

  • The bid from American Family Insurance was $1,071.00. The second bid was received from AAA (third party vendor): $2,415.69. The Board unanimously agreed to go with the American Family bid. Jackie said that she would contact American family to activate the insurance. Update: Sue and Jackie both spoke with rep. at American Family. Jackie signed online form; insurance effective September 1, 2018. Sue is still communicating with rep. to get the premium bill so that it can be paid.

  • Randy contacted Theresa at Sound Legal Partners (recommended by Eydie Leighty) to have a lawyer review West Campus CC&Rs, By-Laws, etc. to confirm that annual dues are expected to be required (that it has been misunderstood as optional). We should receive a response from them in the next week. Update: Sound Legal Partners interpreted our documents that the annual dues were optional. There was discussion about getting a second opinion. It is unclear how the board can enforce any CC&Rs when dues are optional. Update: Randy contacted Sound Legal Partners (asked them more questions to interpret their finding that West Campus is a Volunteer HOA). He also contacted Cedar River Law (recommended by Eydie Leighty) for a second opinion. He has not yet received response from either law firm.

Ongoing Business

Pat surveyed the HOA neighborhood and discovered   violations. Randy will submit items as appropriate to City Code Compliance.

Safe City — report suspicious activity to the Safe City web site.

Vinyl fence — Carl was not present. No progress by Carl in checking with a lawyer on the wording for an amendment to CC&R 3.7 so that a vinyl fence can be installed on the greenbelt. The amendment will specifically ask if a vinyl fence is acceptable. Carl has agreed to pay the costs associated with the lawyer, printing the letters, two envelopes per lot, and stamps for the mailing and return envelopes. Carl has not attended an HOA meeting for several months; no progress.

Future meetings (all meetings will be at 7:00 pm at FW Library on 1st Ave.)

            Monthly HOA meeting — October 22nd

            Monthly HOA meeting — Nov. 19th

            Monthly HOA meeting — Dec. 17th