2018-12-17 Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2018 Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:00 PM
Meeting Adjourned: 8:50 PM

Attendees:    Pat Simmons, Vice-President; Sue Ellebrecht, Treasurer; Jackie White, Secretary,  Jennifer Williams, At-Large 

Absent:        Randy Cunningham, President

Residents:  Jerry Campbell (for Jennifer Bishop), Scott and Lisa Chase 

Guests:      Officers Morrell and Loyd, Federal Way Police Department, Eydie and Michael Leighty from MyHOA-online.com LLC

Minutes of October 22, 2018 meeting were unanimously corrected/approved with the following correction under “New and Short Term Business: 

  • The Board unanimously approved contracting with MyHOA-Online Management company. They will coordinate, manage and organize all operations of the Board, under the Board’s direction and decision-making. They will act as a resource for decision-making and support the Board in legal definitions and rights. It was also unanimously agreed that rules and regulations would be developed along with setting up an assessment, fees, and violations schedule as outlined in a draft by Randy. Randy will draft a cover letter, include our revised draft and we will send it to Eydie Leighty (MyHOA-Online) for review and finalizing. (Note: expansion and clarification of this item was unanimously approved at the December 17, 2018 meeting). 

Minutes of November 19, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved with the following correction under “New and Short Term Business”: 

  • Randy contacted Cedar River Law to ask questions about how to interpret who is a “member” and how to implement a fine schedule. A response has not yet been received.

Treasurer’s Report - 55 (not 63 as originally though-correction) total paid members out of 158 homes (there is an accounting discrepancy between total dues received and the noted addresses marked as paid. This will be resolved by My HOA-Online and the Board treasurer)

December starting balance - $4,834.62
               Cedar River Law - $250
                My HOA-Online - $400
December ending balance – $4,184.62 

New and Short Term Business:

  • Jennifer gave a box of past HOA Board documents (received from Scott Chase) to Eydie (for storage at My HOA-Online).

  • Officers Morrell and Loyd from the Federal Way Police Department were on hand to answer any questions pertinent to city codes and regulations.

Ongoing Business

  • Scott and Lisa Chase asked questions regarding the changes the board was taking contracting My HOA-Online and establishing rules and regulations and a fees and fines schedule.

  • Pat drafted a document of rules and regulations, based on the CC&Rs.  Some items were directly taken from the CC&Rs; the vague items (i.e., front yards must be maintained) were spelled out in more detail.  After much email discussion and changes, the Board will be finalizing the document in the next few days.

  • Eydie updated the Board on the development of the new website. There was discussion about when to shut down Go Daddy (our current website), the post office box and the bank account.  Eydie will notify us when each is ready to be moved to the new environment. It was agreed that the newsletter would be electronic only and included on the new website.

  • Eydie indicated that the homeowner records for each property in the plat has been downloaded and included into the software.

  • Eydie went over the documents that will be included in the first packet mailed (on December 21) out to every homeowner:
    1. A welcome letter which includes a “how to” for homeowners
    2. Meeting notice and agenda
    3. Proxy form/information for voting (listing the paid members)
    4. Budget ratification (cannot be rejected unless there is a vote of at least 51% of the home owners, regardless of membership status

The Board agreed that it was best to mail a second packet to all homeowners on December 28 that included the Rules and Regulations and Fees and Fines Schedule.  This way, it will be easier to absorb all of the changes taking affect in January.

The Board agreed that it would be good to create a Facebook group specifically for Division 2.  Randy will be consulted about the status of the existing Facebook group page.

  •  Jackie contacted American Family Insurance to see if we could get liability insurance for the mailboxes (in case of vandalism). There are several options being looked into. The highest could be $400, the lowest could be less. They will get back to us with a quote. Update: the agent has been ill; they will get back to us soon.

Future meetings  (all meetings will be at 7:00 pm at FW Library on 1st Ave.) 

  • Monthly HOA meeting – Jan. 14, 2019
  • Monthly HOA meeting – Feb. 25, 2019 (corrected due to Presidents day, library closed)
  • Monthly HOA meeting – Mar. 18, 2019