West Campus Division 2 Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Agenda 

January 14, 2019

Call to order: January 14, 2019 at 7:15 pm - Annual Membership Meeting of the West Campus Division 2 Homeowners Association. (Jackie)

Your current board members are:


Randy Cunningham, President, absent due to travel

Pat Simmons, Vice President, absent due to health emergency

Sue Ellebrecht, Treasurer, present

Jennifer Williams, Member-at-large, present, standing in Secretary

Jackie White, Secretary, present, conducting the Annual Meeting

There will be time to voice comments and questions. Comments and questions will be limited to two minutes.


Attendance and Verification: A quorum of 10% paid members is needed for elections. 31 paid members are in attendance in person or by proxy – over 6 is a quorum.


The 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes were read by Jennifer. M/S/P (1 opposed in audience but did not say why) to approve as read.


President’s Report: none


Vice President’s Report: Recently, there has been a lot of conflicting information and misunderstandings. This year, the board experienced a unique issue that causes us to seek out guidance and legal assistance. Two homeowners came to us reporting that there were serious CC& R violations. Pat called the city for code violations and Sue contacted the other appropriate agency. The reporting neighbors have been rightfully frustrated with the board’s inability to provide effective assistance. Nothing will be implemented until we do additional research and clarification.


Treasurer’s Report:


Starting balance December 17, 2018 - $4,184.62

Expenses MyHOA-online.com, LLC -  $274.26

Ending Balance January 14, 2019 -  $3,910.36


Property Manager’s Introduction and Report: Michael and Eydie Leighty, owners of MyHOA-online.com, LLC

Discussion was had regarding possibility of a fine system and enforcing rules. Several attendees posed questions. The board replied that nothing would be put into affect without further clarification from legal and notification to owners.


Old Business:


Compliance Issues

Landscaping Circle Maintenance was not done in 2018, as it is the responsibility of the lots facing the circles, according to the CC&R’s and plat map. While it has never been the HOA’s responsibility to do the labor or pay for it, we can no longer afford to pay landscapers when such a low percentage of lots facing them are paid members.

As a member benefit, the board paid for curb number painting. There are four members’ curbs that still need to be painted as these dues were paid after the job was completed.

New Business:

Next order of business will be to vote to ratify the Board –approved annual budget.

RCW 64.90.525 states: (1)(a) Within thirty days after adoption of any proposed budget for the common interest community, the board must provide a copy of the budget to all the unit owners and set a date for a meeting of the unit owners to consider ratification of the budget not less than fourteen nor more than fifty days after providing the budget. Unless at that meeting the unit owners of units to which a majority of the votes in the association are allocated or any larger percentage specified in the declaration reject the budget, the budget and the assessments against the units included in the budget are ratified, whether or not a quorum is present.

81 votes are needed to reject the budget, as all owners vote on budget. 39 votes oppose, 21 votes approve, 2 abstained, total of 62 votes. The 2019 proposed budget is accepted.




              Article 6, section 6 states:  Election of Board members shall be by written ballot at the annual membership meeting.  At such election, the Members or their proxies may cast one (1) vote.  The names receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected.  Each Member is entitled to one (1) vote.


Article 5, section 4 in part states:  At the first annual meeting, which shall be held not later than six (6) months from the date of incorporation of this Association, and at each annual membership meeting thereafter, the Members shall elect the Board of Directors.  Once elected, the Board of Directors shall also serve as officers of the Association and shall hold the titles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large.  At the first regular or special meeting of the Board following the election, the Board shall elect among themselves the officers of the corporation.



Article 6, section 5 states:  Nominations for the election of Board members shall be made (1) from the floor of the annual meeting or (2) submitted to the Board prior to the announcement of the annual meeting.  The announcement of the annual membership meeting shall include the list of nominees submitted to the Board prior to the announcement of the annual meeting.

M/S to nominate Justin Amundsen.  This nominee asked what the responsibilities were and after hearing examples of duties required by the board, he declined the nomination
No other nominations made.  Ballots collected and counted for 1st position to re-elect Randy Cunningham. 18 votes in favor, 1 vote for Frank Mahoney, 1 abstention. Randy Cunningham is re-elected for 1st position.No nominations made for 2nd position. Ballots collected and counted for 2nd position to re-elect Jennifer Williams. 19 votes in favor, 1 abstention. Jennifer Williams is re-elected for 2nd position.


Continued New Business: MailboxMaintenance. As indicated in the CC&R’s, Article IV, 4.10, they will become the responsibility of the lots of the respective mailboxes.



There was discussion regarding the actions and benefits of the HOA and the role of the management company. Several attendees posed questions. The board re-emphasized that nothing would be put into affect without further clarification from legal and notification to owners. Discussion will be continued at the next board meeting.


Our next scheduled meeting is Monday, February 25th.


Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm.