West Campus Division 2 Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting Notice
December 26, 2018
Dear Homeowner:
The annual meeting of the West Campus Division 2 Homeowners Association is scheduled for Monday, January 14, 2019 at 7 PM, at the Federal Way Library, located at 34200 1st Way S, Federal Way, WA 98003. We are in the large meeting room. An agenda is provided on the reverse side of this notice for your convenience.
The board will present the board approved 2019 budget for member ratification, and elections will be held for two director positions for two 2-year terms. Nominations will be taken from the floor, as well as from proxies. Only paid members will be voting, but all owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Our President and new Community Association Managers will field questions from homeowners about recent changes and general information. Among the topics we will discuss are concerns of the recent exaggerated claims of "massive changes" reported in a campaign launched by one lot's owners. The change the HOA is implementing is to actually follow the governing documents which has not been done for quite a while and the purpose for which the HOA was established. We will also discuss any compliance concerns and the advantages of having a properly functioning HOA in maintaining and enhancing your property values. The board will be reviewing the proposed rules and regulations and fee and fine schedule and asking for owner feedback before they finalize them. As in any HOA, owners who follow the established use restrictions as laid out in your governing documents will not be affected by these changes, only those who don't will be impacted. As owners here ourselves and a voluntary board, we believe most owners will be pleasantly surprised to learn the true details following the letter you received at your door. Do not rely on information in Facebook groups that limit the membership to only those who share their opinions. Please come to the meeting with an open mind, ask questions to gather information, and form your own opinion.
It is important for every homeowner to try to attend this meeting, but if you are unable, please return your enclosed proxy/ballot, either casting your votes or indicating who on the board you would like to authorize to cast your votes on your behalf (be sure they will be attending so your vote is counted).  Owners and members will be voting on the budget and members will be voting for the board positions.  Either fax, email or mail the proxy/ballot back, or give it to one of the directors who will bring it to the annual meeting if you cannot bring it yourself. Proxies/ballots must be submitted prior to the start of the planned meeting time for validation by the Secretary if you are not there to vote yourself.
See you at Federal Way Library, Wednesday, Monday, January 14, 2019 at 7 PM.
The West Campus Division 2 Board of Directors
Board Member, officer role, term expiration:
Randy Cunningham, President, 1/2019
Pat Simmons, VP, 1/2020
Suzanne Ellebrecht, Treasurer, 1/2020
Jackie White, Secretary, 1/2020
Jennifer Williams, Board Member at Large, 1/2019