Pre-Approved Roofing Materials
Material Type
Cedar Shake
May 2018
Standard Tile and Light Weight Concrete Composite Tile
All tile colors
May 2018
Lifetime limited warranty, fully transferable
Multi- dimensional Asphalt Composition Shingles
All tile colors
May 2018
Lifetime (50) year limited warranty, fully transferable
Simulated Cedar Shake Roofing
Natural Weathered Cedar
May 2018
40 Year transferable warranty minimum
Recycled Rubber
All colors
May 2018
50 Year or Lifetime
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of West Campus Division 2 is attempting to preserve the beauty and desirable characteristics of our neighborhood. Historically, cedar represented the standard for the roofing material used on the homes built in our division. Because of a number of factors, including cedar availability, wood quality (old-growth vs. new-growth), flammability, insurance premiums, and significant feedback from division homeowners, the ACC has approved alternative asphalt / composition roofing products for use in our division.
Decorative elements -- The roof is often an important part of the overall 361;1\r and architecture of a home.
Color -- Simulate weathered cedar. Lighter asphalt / composition colors are less resilient to streaking and staining, while darker colors loose their ability to simulate the desired depth and texture. Additionally, other colors (red, green, blue, black, tan, etc.) are considered to be dissimilar to the natural look of cedar.
Length of shingle -- On many typical composition / asphalt shingles, the rows are much too short to simulate the longer length of a cedar shingle.
Architectural design -- Overall, a longer, random, overlapping look for an asphalt / composition roofing product (versus shorter rows of small block shapes) comes closer to achieving the goals and considerations described above.
Note: The West Campus Division 2 Architectural Control Committee and its individual members assume no liability for any product recommendations. The homeowner and their contractors are responsible for compliance with any and all building or safety codes and requirements.
When in doubt, contact the ACC, at a meeting, via mail or e-mail: WestCampus2HOA@MyHOAonline.com